Totally Unapologetic Podcast EPISODE 1: FIRST THINGS FIRST

It’s real! It’s here! Its THE TOTALLY UNAPOLOGETIC PODCAST! In our first episode we discuss a wide variety of topics across the board. We talk music, pop culture, sports, twitter, the illuminati and even do some Q&A.



6:26 – Missing Plane Update

9:25 – Fan Questions

20:00- Stephen A Smith/Ray Rice

28:15 – Avril Lavigne/Chad Kroger Anniversary Ring

30:30 – Iggy Azalea

36:31 – Lana Del Rey/ Jaden Smith

46:40 – Lebron Goes Back to Cleveland

49:54 – Joel Embiid

52:14 – Miscellaneous Music discussion

1:00:54 – New Music We Like/Outro